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Initiatives & Events

Explore our dynamic range of events and impactful initiatives, where we not only host engaging gatherings but also actively contribute to meaningful causes through presentations and collaborations with other organizations.


Written on 04/19/2024

Father-son Dodgeball

Written on 04/19/2024

Annual Fundraising Dinner

EVENT DATE: June 7th, 2024
Written on 04/16/2024

To Browning

Written on 02/10/2024

Cribbage Night

EVENT DATE: February 17th  2024
Written on 02/04/2024

God's Love

Written on 01/28/2024

Diocese of Helena

Written on 11/15/2023

Capital High

Written on 11/15/2023

First annual Fundraiser night - Murder Mystery

Written on 10/05/2023

Supporting Seminarians

Written on 10/04/2023